Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care

Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care

When considering a professional care service provider in Philadelphia, PA, reach out to Inspire Home Care. We can answer your important questions, specifically regarding the benefits of 24-hour home care providers, the FAQs of senior care, and the complex realities of being a caregiver. Our direct care workers are highly trained and compassionate toward your unique needs. From dressing, grooming, and restroom assistance to exercise and medication, your loved one will receive superior service.

Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s time for a 24-hour home care provider for peace of mind, safety, and increased companionship. It’s easy to feel guilty but don’t. There are only so many hours in the day, and you have to take care of yourself too! Continue reading for the benefits of 24-Hour Home Care.

Signs you Might Need a 24-hour Home Care Provider

In observing your loved one, specific signs and behaviors indicate you need more help than just one pair of hands at the ready. These include:

  • Confusion throughout the day
  • Drinking or eating difficulty
  • Faintness
  • Fall risks
  • Fearfulness when left alone for even short periods
  • Leaving household items, like the stove, on without attendance
  • Ongoing hospitalizations or rehabilitation due to falls, heart episodes, etc. 
  • Poor sight combined with mobility issues
  • Sleep disorders
  • Toileting accidents
  • Wandering away from safe spaces
  • Your fear of leaving the person alone at night due to their needs

If you feel uncertain, don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form or call our offices at 215-576-CARE (2273).

Caregiver Comforting Senior Patient
Caregiver Comforting Senior Patient

10 Benefits of 24 Hour Home Care

Part of considering extended hours for home care is understanding all its benefits. Here are 10 (but there are plenty more!). 

Consistency: Perhaps most importantly, 24-hour home care aid provides continuity of aging care in areas where a family finds themself unable to sustain care. Many loved ones are hesitant about assisted living facilities, so they can stay in the familiarity of home while getting all the help they require. 

Everyday Tasks: Many elders find daily chores challenging, and even painful. Having a daily professional in place fixes that, creating a healthier environment stressing safety. 

Flexibility: Where a nursing home has limited hours for visitation, 24-hour care does not (unless you create a preferred routine). Your loved one’s family and friends can come any time without worry for quality time. 

Personalization: At Inspire Home Care of PA, we know compassionate support is not a cookie-cutter proposition. One size cannot, and should not, fit all. Your insured and regularly evaluated Aid thoroughly gets to know your family and the individual. The Aid is your helpmate from favorite TV shows to food allergies and everything in between.  

Privacy: Care service providers like Inspire Home Care must abide by confidentiality regulations. They cannot reveal your medical information, restricting such discussions to appropriate forums (like the doctor). HIPPA allows client consent forms for either the individual or their proxy, detailing to whom information can go and signifying an expiration date for the consent. 

Routine: Moving into assisted living creates anxiety. A new building, new room, unfamiliar faces, and new things leave elders more confused than ever. Sometimes they even feel like they’re being punished. Direct care workers help your loved one maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

Safety Risks: Your Aid will walk through your home and identify all the accident risks and household hazards for which everyone can watch. Think of the Aid as an extra pair of eyes and ears. So take a deep breath, and enjoy the serenity this brings. 

Socialization: A 24-hour Aid also becomes a companion for emotional support and interaction. 

Stress Relief: Many families get terse with their loved ones because they’re worn out. Try as they might, their entire life becomes about doctors, paperwork, and medications. They are no longer a wife, son, or best friend – they feel like a nurse, and it hurts the relationship dynamics. Reliable home care resolves many time constraints, returning joy to the house.

Transportation: Your home health caregiver can get your loved one up and out of the home. The next doctor’s appointment, run to the grocery store, bingo game, and other activities can be handled professionally and effectively. 

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