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Senior Home Care Services are a great way to get the help you need while maintaining your independence. If you are a senior or a disabled person who would like assistance in completing daily tasks, you can trust Inspire Home Care to provide you with personal care and homemaking service.

If you’re caring for an aging parent, we understand that doing so can be a significant time investment. Inspire Home Care services are personalized for comfort and peace of mind, so you can rest assured your loved one is taken care of while you attend to your other needs.

Personal Home Care Services

Our reliable caregivers are trained to take care of all of you or your loved one’s personal needs while sustaining independence. Below are some of our personal care services.

Dressing and Grooming

Self-care is important. Your caregiver can help with dressing and grooming every morning.

Restroom Assistance

Our caregivers can provide restroom assistance, helping you or your loved one from wheelchair to toilet and vice versa.

Walking, Exercise Assistance

Exercise keeps you healthy and feeling good. Whether or not you require assistance walking, your caregiver is there every step of the way.

Medication Reminders

Remembering to take your medications can be challenging, but it is important to maintain good health. Our caregivers can be there to make sure you never miss a medication.

Bathing: Baths, Showers, Bed Baths

Your caregiver can assist you with getting to the bath or shower. If you are unable to get out of bed, your caregiver can also provide you a bed bath.

Transition from Bed to Chair

If you have difficulties moving from your bed to your chair, our caregivers are trained in how to do so safely and effectively.

Taking Vital Signs (CNA)

Our certified CNA caregivers can take vitals and ensure you or your loved one is healthy.


Shopping may pose a challenge for some clients, but our caregivers can help by picking out your groceries, carrying your items to and from your car, and putting them away in the proper place when you return home.

Homemaker / Companion

Loneliness is widespread in old age. Our home care agents can provide companionship and homemaking services so that you or your loved one has someone to talk to and share their day with.

Light Housekeeping

Your caregiver is there to keep your home clean and safe, doing housekeeping work like vacuuming, dusting, dishes, laundry, and watering the plants.

Writing Letters

Whether you’re writing to a friend or sending a birthday gift to your grandchildren, your caregiver can help you put together letters.

Meal Planning, Preparation and Cooking

Your caregiver will help you plan and prepare healthy, balanced, delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Playing Games

Entertainment is key to lowering your stress. Caregivers will play games, participate in hobbies and engage in other fun activities with you or your loved one.

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Hospital Stay

Hospital stays are not easy — but when your loved ones are far away, this becomes even more difficult.

Inspire Home Care is here to help make any hospital stay easier. Our caregivers will come to your home to and help you pack and lock up your house. They will also arrange transportation to and from the hospital.

Once you arrive at the hospital, don’t worry about checking in or carrying your belongings — your caregiver will handle everything for you. The caregiver will stay with you until you are admitted and in the care of the hospital. At that point, we are not allowed to provide care until you are discharged.

After your stay is complete, your caregiver will pack up your belongings, assist with discharge, and arrange or provide transportation back to your home so you can get settled back into your normal life with ease.

We want to be there every step of the way to provide the most comfortable experience possible.

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