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elderly care service philadelphia pa

We live in an era where people live far longer. That time doesn’t always equal good health, sadly. There comes a point where people seek an elderly care service in Philadelphia, PA. You are not alone. In the US alone, there are over 133 million people that have one or more chronic ailments that impact their quality of life. That number will continue to grow.

A family member or friend may endeavor to become a caregiver to an individual. This is a demanding tightrope deftly balanced between two homes and two sets of responsibilities. After a while, people feel strained and often irritable, making relationships rocky at best. Thinking about getting professional assistance is a natural outcome of all that responsibility.

Aging in Place

Inspire Health Care is a leading home care agency in Philadelphia, PA. Over and over, we see people struggling with the question of home care vs. a facility. For an individual, there’s usually far less resistance to in-home aides than going into an assisted venue. This is called aging in place.

With aging in place, seniors feel more independent, and the family has the knowledge their loved one is safe. A positive attitude goes a long way to making happy environments that inspire self-esteem. Inspire Health Care focuses heavily on homemaker and companion services tailored for seniors. By so doing, we can give you more specific answers to the questions you have. Communication is essential in any caregiving situation.

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What About Costs?

It can become expensive to keep your loved one in a facility. There are also costs associated with at-home elderly care services in Philadelphia, PA. Thankfully, Medicare provides some level of coverage if you qualify. The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services may also be able to provide financial relief.  The basic requirements for either (or both) of these solutions are:

  • The person must be homebound. Being homebound means the senior requires medical equipment to leave the home. It also applies to individuals whose health can be compromised by leaving the home.
  • Having a physician or medical team prescribes the services. The prescription may be reviewed every 6 months for reevaluation.

Working with an agency like Inspire means you have skilled professionals on hand who can guide you through the insurance jungle.

A Closer Look at Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia, PA.

What can you expect when you hire an elderly care service in Philadelphia, PA? When you work with Inspire Health Care, you’ll receive an individualized care plan. We don’t have a “book” based on the key problems a person exhibits, knowing this is just one part of a much bigger picture. The person who needs physical therapy may not need nutritional guidance, for example.

We want our aides focused on what helps a person the most. Our compassionate staff may provide light housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing, and, most importantly, socialization. A person may not be able to achieve total self-sufficiency, but we can protect their pride.

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