Exploring the Qualifications and Responsibilities of Home Health Aide Jobs in Philadelphia

home health aide jobs in philadelphia

Are you a compassionate, committed person who would like to help others? Then, caregiving might be right up your alley. Home health aide jobs in Philadelphia provide you with an opportunity to make money while doing what you most love. Due to the increase in the aging community, trained people are in high demand for hiring. 

PCA (Personal Care Aide) vs HHA (Home Health Aide)

At Inspire Homecare, we have a group of trained personal care aides. They handle tasks like meal preparation, dressing, laundry, and general chores. However, this service is different from the qualifications and responsibilities of a home health aide (HHA) in Philadelphia. 

The home health aide provides medical care in between a person’s regular healthcare visits. Additionally, a HHA can manage other situations, like guiding those with disabilities or supporting those with chronic illnesses. All of this is done in the comfort of an individual’s home. 

The Qualifications for HHA Jobs in Philadelphia

As you explore the qualifications for home health aid jobs in Philadelphia, you’ll discover specific regulations regarding the process of being approved for this job. The person must:

  1. Completely 75 hours of training
  2. Complete 16 hours of clinical instruction
  3. Complete 12 hours of continuing education annually
  4. Pass a competency test
  5. Pass a criminal background check
  6. Receive a tuberculosis screening

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Types of Tasks for the HHA

As a home care agency in Philadephia, we at Inspire believe it’s important for you to know what type of tasks an HHA faces. You will notice some crossover between HHA and PCA services, which is understandable. Both jobs focus on the individual and their needs. 

For example, both the HHA and PCA may provide some level of household tasks aimed at maintaining a safe, healthy environment. The Job descriptions for both positions typically include cooking nutritional meals, washing laundry, light housekeeping, and dressing assistance. However, these two careers veer apart when it comes to services that are more medically oriented.  

The HHA can:

  • Administer prescriptions
  • Collect requested samples for testing
  • Take and record vital signs
  • Replace nonsterile dressings
  • Monitor wound healing
  • Assist with Bed and vehicle transfers
  • Operate medical equipment
  • Monitor range of motion exercises
  • Administer glucose finger prick tests

Care Coordination

One of the most valuable aspects of HHA work is helping the family coordinate care with a variety of professionals. If the person has a nurse, a surgeon, a personal physician, a podiatrist, etc., each receives updates on the individual’s condition on a regular basis. When changes in behavior or baseline health occur, the HHA has a whole team they can call upon for assistance and potential changes in personal care plans. 

The PCA Option

If, after exploring the qualifications and responsibilities of home health aide jobs in Philadelphia, you’d like something a little less complex, then the PCA option is a great choice. At Inspire Home Care, we have a growing team of professionals who are always on the lookout for kind-hearted, diligent people to join us. 

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