High Paying Caregiver Jobs Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia is a lucrative region for caregivers due to some jobs’ high salaries. There are different job descriptions within the caregiving industry that pay differently depending on the tasks to be undertaken. There are opportunities for full-time and part-time caregivers, either as live-in caregivers, home helpers, home health aides, and many more. Get to know about some of the best-paying caregiving jobs in Philadelphia, PA.

Full-Time Caregiver

A full-time caregiver is responsible for taking care of old adults. The caregiver assists clients with cognitive issues and mobility needs in their daily living activities. This is one of the high-paying caregiving jobs in Philadelphia and with a wide range of clientele. The salary ranges from $45,000-$51,000 every year.

Live-In Caregiver

A full-time caregiver is no different from a live-in caregiver. A live-in caregiver assists clients with personal hygiene, dressing, restroom assistance, bathing, and grooming. This top-paying caregiving job also requires workers to help clients with required motion exercises, medication, and reminders. A live-in caregiver may earn up to $50,000 a year.

Residential Aide

A Residential Aide is responsible for the well-being and safety of residents in the evenings, weekends, and overnights. A residential aide should also ensure that residents maintain order and hold them accountable to in-house policies. This profession is one of the high-paying caregiver jobs, and residential aides earn over $34,000 a year.

Direct Support Professional

Direct support jobs are some of the high-paying caregiver jobs in Philadelphia. Direct support caregivers help clients with their medication needs, conflict resolution, and documenting residents’ reports. A direct support specialist also checks in on clients to take them to any appointments. Direct support professionals earn up to $25000-$36000 annually.

Home Health Aide

Being a certified HHA is a top-paying caregiving job for caregivers. The Home Health Aid specialist’s responsibilities include providing care to clients within their homes as directed by the care plan. Services also include non-medical support for in-home clients like preparing meals, feeding, and laundry. The job pays $29,460 a year.

Personal Care Worker

A personal care assistant in Philadelphia may earn up to $20000 in a year. The responsibilities of a personal care worker include offering care services for the clients. The services may range from personal needs, health and support for the client. The activities may vary depending on the employer.

These high-paying jobs require some level of skills, and before you apply for any of them, you need to ensure you meet the minimum requirements. Years of experience may also influence your salary and contract basis. There are many fields to explore under caregiving, and it is vital for specialists to be skilled in different areas.