Home Care in Philadelphia: How Can Companion Services Help with Elderly Loneliness?

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Older adults are often lonely. Many of their friends and older relatives have died. They may have mobility issues that prevent them from getting out and meeting people. Their isolation makes them depressed.

Home care in Philadelphia reduces elderly loneliness. A caregiver can provide companionship. They can take their clients places and teach them to use social media so they can interact with others.

This article will discuss how a home care agency in Philadelphia can reduce elderly loneliness.

Why Isolation and Loneliness Are Bad for Seniors

Isolation leads to depression and anxiety that can be detrimental to senior health. 2019 research reveals that it can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, a weakened immune system, Alzheimer’s disease, and cognitive issues. A study by notable researcher Juliane Holt-Lundsted shows that isolation can increase mortality risk by 50%, outpacing the effects of obesity, alcoholism, and air pollution.

Unfortunately, more than one-fifth of older adults in the United States identify as lonely, isolated, or both. A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) report revealed that one-fourth of people 65 and older are socially isolated. Older adults are likely to live alone, lose family members, or suffer from chronic illnesses or hearing loss that increase isolation risk.

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How Home Care in Philadelphia Reduces Elderly Isolation

Provides companionship: Caregivers offer their clients companionship. They can help them engage in hobbies and other activities. They can talk to them about fun memories from their past.

Teaches Them How to Use Technology: A home aide can teach their clients how to use technology to stay in touch with friends and relatives via social media, video chats, email, and messaging. They will interact with others so they don’t feel so lonely.

Offers Transportation Services: Caregivers can take their clients to social events. They can take them to workshops, classes, and get-togethers. They can help them build a social network.

Ensures Seniors Have Proper Medical Care: Home aides will ensure their clients stick to their medical treatment plans. They can take them to their doctor appointments. Ongoing care helps mitigate the physical and mental effects of loneliness.

Studies have shown that multigenerational friendships between seniors and companions at least 15 years younger than them are especially beneficial. They broaden perspectives, offer role modeling, boost energy, and make both friends feel valued. Most caregivers are at least 15 years younger than their clients.

The Inspire Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PA Reduces Elderly Loneliness

Inspire provides various companionship services for our clients. We offer accompanied walks that ensure optimal physical health. We engage them in games and letter writing to boost cognition.

Inspire Home Care also offer homemaking and personal care and can accompany clients before and after hospital stays.

 Our compassionate caregivers provide service when you need it. We offer hourly assistance, full-day care, and overnight services. We will find the ideal caregiver and customize a plan suited to your needs.

 Contact us to discover how our home care in Philadelphia can increase your loved one’s well-being.

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