Home Care Services Philadelphia PA: How Home Care Agencies Can Help

home care services philadelphia pa

If you know a caregiver, ask them about the stressors of caring for aging parents at home. It becomes a juggling act between caring for a loved one and self-care (let alone personal responsibilities). The time investment can become overwhelming. Nonetheless, people feel (and admirably so) they have a duty to make sure their loved one receives proper care.

Consider Home Care Agencies

As families come to Inspire Home Care, we see the weariness on people’s faces. They are making their first step toward getting help for their aging parents at home by using home care services in Philadelphia, PA, and, of course, they have a million questions and concerns.

The road getting to our doors was not an easy one. The love and devotion caregivers feel is rich but can also prove harmful. That love can turn sour year after year goes by. And it may seriously taint family dynamics. You never want to reach this point in your relationship with a loved one. The whole point of having a home health aide in Philadelphia, PA, is relieving some of the pressures you feel, so you can return to having a REAL relationship with your loved one, not based on their limitations.

Services Available

When you are caring for aging parents at home and wonder how home care agencies can help, your best bet is not only referring to online references from organizations like the AARP but also making calls. At Inspire Home Care, we have highly trained staff who can start providing the answers to your questions right away. 

This conversation is important as we can help you clarify the needs and goals. First, give us an overview of the situation. How much help does the individual need? For example, do they need restroom assistance or support with transferring? Maybe they can’t cook very well or walk safely without adaptive equipment. Every person is unique, and our goal is to make sure that sense of dignity and selfhood remains firmly in place. 

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No “Cookie Cutter” Answers

The information you share with us in creating a highly personalized care plan should you decide to hire Inspire Home Care. Have you ever gone to several car dealerships and got the feeling every single one had the same spew, with crazy promises? Home health care services should NEVER be like that. 

Our aides are compassionate and mindful. They come into your home with a physician and family-approved list of duties. Some things they may do include:

  • Encourage exercise (going on walks, for example)
  • Reminding the individual about medications and times
  • Bathing and showers
  • Shopping
  • Transportation to gatherings or physician appointments
  • Making meal plans based on an individual’s preferences and preparing them
  • Light housekeeping

The number one service we provide is that of companionship. Elders can easily become depressed and feel isolated, even in the warmth of their own homes. An aide can play games, watch favorite shows, participate in hobbies, or just talk, listening to memories. 

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