Home Health Care Services vs. Assisted Living: Which is Right for Your Philadelphia Senior?

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When your loved one gets older, they may require extra care. Families must decide which option is best for their senior relative: home health care services or assisted living. Research shows that most seniors prefer home health care services. Philadelphia, PA, families can review the following information to make an educated choice.

Assisted Living vs. Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia, PA

Mental Wellbeing

Many seniors deal with emotional issues due to failing health, isolation, and losing loved ones. Home care facilities may worsen these conditions. Older adults may feel abandoned by their families. They think the restrictions reduce their independence.

Optimal wellness can be achieved with a home health aide. Philadelphia, PA seniors will enjoy their caregiver’s companionship. The aide will help them maintain independence. They will teach them to use technology and offer transportation assistance so they can stay socially connected.


Senior care can be expensive. But an assisted living facility is even more expensive than home care. Families must pay for their loved one’s food and accommodations. These factors increase costs.

Home care is a more affordable option. Some states even offer programs that allow family members to get paid to care for their loved ones. This option can cut costs considerably.

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Physical Wellbeing

Some families may be concerned because their loved one needs advanced care. Their senior relative may be dealing with heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, or dementia. They may think home care services aren’t going to cut it.

Many home health aides receive specialized training to offer care for patients with advanced conditions. However, there are some cases where assisted living may be a better option.

Customized Care

Seniors who check into a senior care facility must follow a regimen. They must eat the foods provided, participate in daily activities, and abide by facility rules.

Older adults who receive home care can set their terms. They can get the kind of care they need when they need it. Their caregiver will focus on them to ensure they enjoy optimal health.


Assisted living is a 24/7 program. Families must pay for ongoing care. 

Families that opt for home care can choose their schedules. They can have caregivers work a certain schedule as needed. They can have them in for respite, temporary, part-time, or ongoing care.

Scheduling flexibility is a convenient option. It also saves families money.

Inspire Home Care is a Preferred Choice for Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia, PA

Inspire is a top provider of home health care services in Philadelphia, PA. We offer various services, including personal care, homemaker and companion care, and hospital stay assistance. We can assist with a wide range of care options.

We stand out for our personalized, high-quality care. We require background checks and child abuse clearance for each home health aide. Philadelphia, PA families will know their loved one is in good hands when they choose our agency.

Contact us to learn how we can improve your senior relative’s quality of life.

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