Hospital Accompaniment Services for your loved ones


In our business as home care providersInspire Home Care knows there are times when clients have to go to the hospital for various reasons. For an individual accustomed to the comfort of their home, the idea can cause anxiety. When someone has dementia, the tribulation can be worse. The simple truth is no one “likes” the hospital. Let’s review benefits of Hospital Accompaniment Services for your loved ones.

Hospital Accompaniment Services – Emergency Visits

First, consider the ER visit. These quickly become chaotic. You can alleviate some of the time-consuming points with a trained aide at the ready. For example, the aide can explain the symptoms leading up to bringing the individual to the ER while you start the paperwork. By the way, the details about the situation may have to be repeated more than once. The aide can do that so you can remain close to your loved one.

There is always a wait in the ER, sometimes a very long one. An Inspire Home Care Aide can act as a stand-in when a much-needed break becomes necessary. The individual already knows the aide, and the aide has a good handle on making small talk about keeping their mind busy. 

As you meet staff, you and your home caregiver can explain the best ways of approaching the patient. Warn about any triggers. You don’t want to add conflict to the equation.

Tip: Create an emergency bag to keep at the ready at home. You don’t want to rush around at the last minute to find necessary items like health insurance cards (or copies). Create a list of medications, medical conditions, and allergies. Include the names and phone numbers of healthcare providers. If the individual has advance directives, put them in the bag, too. Other suggested items include:

  • A sheet listing the person’s preferred language
  • Names and phone numbers of family members
  • Spare glasses (if required)
  • Snacks, water, hand sanitizer
  • Change of clothing

Think of this as similar to a delivery bag for a pregnant mother but suited to your loved one. Better still, this bag is perfect for a planned hospitalization, too.

Once everything is set up in the ER and the individual is admitted, the aide must step out until your loved one is released. At that point, they can gather personal items, assist with transportation, and ease the person back into their regular routine.

Elderly woman smiling in hospital bed

Hospital Accompaniment Services – Planned Hospitalizations

Inspire Health Care has hospital accompaniment services for your loved ones. Our efforts begin once you have a date, and we communicate with you to make sure everything goes smoothly. If any tests need to be done beforehand, your professional home caregiver can provide transportation.

This time, your aide has more time to help you and your loved one prepare. You can think about additional items for the hospital bag, like a book, toiletries, a cellphone, and charger, or a music player.

Upon arrival at the hospital, our staff helps bring personal belongings and set up until formal admission. Then, their job is to return to the home and prepare the house for whatever necessities will be required based on the procedure.

From start to finish, our team stands ready, willing, and able to assist you. If you would like more information about hospital accompaniment services for your loved one, you can reach our Philadelphia office in one of three ways:


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