How Hospital Accompaniment is Important 

Caregiver accompanying senior after hospital visit

Accompanying a loved one at a hospital makes a world of a difference in his or her’s quality of life. Accompaniment in hospital settings makes a monumental impact in terms of quality care, well-being, and comfort.  So don’t make the common mistake of assuming the hospital staff members are all that is necessary to keep your loved one comfortable in the hospital.  Accompaniment is essential to well-being and continued comfort. 

Recognize the Importance of Comfort and Familiarity in a Hospital

If you were to interview medical professionals about the importance of accompaniment; the vast majority would enlighten you with a plethora of patient stories.  These stories focus on the myriad benefits of patient accompaniment in hospital settings.  The purpose of accompaniment is to provide the patient with a social company that minimizes loneliness, anxiety, and boredom.  

It is no secret that a hospital stay is monotonous, nerve-wracking, and uncomfortable.  However, patient accompaniment makes such a stay that much more tolerable.  

Caregiver Visiting Senior at The Hospital
Caregiver Accompanying Senior Patient at The Hospital

Hospital Accompaniment That Makes a Difference

If you are unable to spend days or hours with your loved one in the hospital, don’t fret.  Our Philadelphia home care providers are here to provide accompaniment both in the hospital, at home, and in other settings.  We even go to the extent of going to patients’ homes to help them pack for the hospital stay and secure the living space before leaving.  Our Philadelphia medical professionals coordinate transportation to the hospital and also back home so you or your loved one’s focus is completely on improving health and well-being.  There is no need to concern yourself with checking in your belongings as our caregivers take care of that responsibility on your behalf.  

Our caregivers even go to the extent of remaining with you all the way through the admission process.  Once you are in your hospital bed, we will be there by your side yet we are not permitted to provide care until the point of discharge.  Once your hospital stay is complete, our care provider will pack your belongings, facilitate the discharge, and coordinate transportation to your house, apartment, or other living space, helping you return to life as normal.  

Our caring team members will be with you or your loved one every step of the way.  We go out of our way to ensure you are as comfortable as possible from the point at which you decide to transition to the hospital all the way through to your return home. 

A Focus on the Patient

Senior citizens in need of medical care that must relocate to a hospital understandably feel alone.  Such an individual needs attention, companionship, someone to talk to, and human touch.  However, hospital staff members are busy so there is a glaring need for accompaniment throughout the stay.  

Choose our Philadelphia home care providers to facilitate the transition, stay, and departure from the hospital. You will rest well knowing your loved one is accompanied while in the hospital.  Even if you can’t visit the hospital on a daily basis, our team will do our best to provide your family member with accompaniment that lifts the spirit, boosts morale, and makes the hospital stay that much more tolerable.

Inspire Home Care is on Your Side

Do you have a senior citizen in your life who needs help at home?  Inspire is proud to provide home care service, companionship, and more.  Give us a call today at 215-576-CARE (2273) to find out more about our home care service in Philadelphia,PA.  You can also reach our home care team through our contact form.

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