Promoting Independence: How Home Care in Philadelphia Empowers Seniors

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There comes a time in many people’s lives when they must consider getting extra care for an aging loved one. Home care is a good option. It’s less expensive than residential care, it’s flexible, and it takes the stress off the family’s shoulders. However, many seniors see home care as a loss of their independence. The truth is that a caregiver promotes senior independence in many ways. They provide clients with the assistance they need to live more independently. Read on to learn about home care Philadelphia services and how they help seniors reach their lifestyle goals.

How Home Care in Philadelphia Helps Seniors Become More Independent

Promotes a Social Lifestyle

Many seniors suffer from isolation due to lost loved ones and a lack of mobility. Caregivers help seniors connect with others by offering transportation and mobility assistance. They can take them to classes, workshops, and other social events. They can also teach them to use technology so they can reach out through social media and video conferencing.

Seniors can choose who they want to talk to, when they want to talk, and plan out a social calendar that provides intellectual and emotional stimulation.

More Independence with Daily Tasks

Mobility is an issue for many older adults. They suffer from conditions that make them unable to care for themselves. They may need help with simple tasks like feeding themselves, bathing, and other types of self-care.

Caregivers can organize the home to make it easy for seniors to care for themselves. They can rearrange items and furnishings so seniors can access them when needed. They can also recommend modifications so seniors can navigate easily throughout their homes.

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Encourage Exercise

An in-home aide will encourage their clients to exercise. The physical activity will increase strength, so the client becomes more mobile. They will be better able to complete tasks independently.

More Involvement with Everyday Living

Caregivers can seek out seniors’ opinions so they feel more involved in day-to-day activities. They can ask them what they want to eat, what they want to do that day, and consult them on other matters. They can provide transportation and assistance to help them complete daily tasks.

Clients will feel more in control of their daily routines. They will feel more empowered and independent.

Inspire Home Care is a Top Provider of Home Care in Philadelphia

Inspire Home Care is a recommended home care agency in Philadelphia. We offer various services that help clients lead more independent lives. We provide personal home care, homemaker and companion care, and assistance with hospital stays. Our CNAs can even provide vital sign monitoring.

As a Medicaid waiver provider, we provide opportunities for family members to get paid to care for loved ones. We offer the highest pay rates, sign-on bonuses, and benefits. We can relieve the financial strain of caregiving and give you peace of mind in knowing your loved one is in good hands.

Contact us to learn how we can inspire your loved one to live independently.

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