Simple Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home to Stay Fit

Caregiver Helping Senior with Simple Exercise at Home

As you get older, it becomes more and more important to do what you can to stay fit. If you have a homecare worker like those provided by Inspire Home Care Philadelphia, PA, they can help you with your goals. It’s easier to get inspired about exercising when you have a cheering squad! Here are simple exercises seniors can do at home to stay fit!

Step one, however, is having a discussion with your physician and potentially a check-up to see what’s safe. After that, your aid will spot you in various tasks on your weekly “to do” stay-fit list! 

For some, going out to a health club is not in the plan. You may not like exercising around a lot of people. Or, perhaps you can’t get out of the house easily. Have no fear!   Believe it or not, there are simple exercises seniors can do at home to stay in reasonable shape.

Here are a few examples, no gym required!

Senior Stretching Before Exercising
Senior Stretching Before Exercising

Five Home Exercises for Seniors

1) Homemade Weights: Fill two empty soda bottles with water. Sit in a chair with no arms, holding one bottle in each hand. With your arms at your sides, slowly lift the bottles upward (don’t strain), hold for a count of three, then downward. Repeat!

Now move your arms so your palms face upward in front of you. Bend your elbows, count, and release. Change to lifting your arms without bending, holding, and releasing. Remember, if it hurts, stop. 

2) Shop Walk: The beauty of a grocery cart is it offers stability. The next time you have to pick up a few things, walk through ALL the aisles even if you don’t need what’s in them. Walking is a fantastic, low-impact activity. Do, however, wear supportive shoes.

3) Activity DVDs: When you have a personal companion, you can ask them to set up a space where you can do aerobic exercises as shown on a DVD. There are many created specifically for seniors. 

4) Chair Yoga: If you have mobility issues, an injury requiring healing movements, or deal with a loss of strength, doing exercise in a chair is the perfect solution. Chair yoga is a gentle way to improve your energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing. 

5) Stretching: Before your feet touch the floor in the morning, stretch yourself out. When you first roll over you notice tight spots and aches, so work them out here before you’re doing daily tasks. Breath evenly as you go. Overall, this one small effort makes your whole day less stressful. 

The perks of staying physically fit as you age are numerous, one is living a longer, healthier life. You can retain more independence and self-reliance. Exercises improve your balance, deterring nasty falls by 20% or more. 

You may feel uneasy exercising by yourself. That’s where our companions and personal care aids enter the picture. Our caregivers won’t just sit on the sidelines. They get involved in your day and in this case your efforts to remain fit. 

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