Top Paying Home Care Agencies Philadelphia PA

If you are considering a home care job in Philadelphia, then you would be spoilt of choice with the many agencies to choose from. We understand that there are many ways to consider when looking for a job, and checking salaries is one way to be sure about working with a particular home care agency. Consider some of the top-paying Philadelphia home care agencies to weigh out your options.

Blessings 4ever

Blessings 4ever provides concierge home care and private in-home care services. This home care agency pays professionals every week with hefty weekly bonuses. The average pay for a Home Health Aide is $46,409 in a year. This makes Blessings 4ever one of the highest-paying home care agencies in Philadelphia, PA.

Inspire Home Care

Inspire Home Care is one of the top-paying caregiver agencies with years of experience working with Philadelphia residents. Inspire Home Care pays Home Health Aide professionals $13.27 per hour, translating to over $26,000 every year. They pay for full-time and part-time caregivers with other bonuses included.

All American Home Care

All American Home Care is a home care agency with a wide range of home care professionals who serve people of all ages. All American Home offers home care services with top pay with salaries averaging $13per hour.

365 Health Services

365 Health Services offers adult nursing, personal assistance, and pediatric nursing services. The agency also offers in-home nursing services for adults. Home care professionals earn an average of $13 an hour.

Attentive Care Service Agency

Attentive Care Service Agency has experience serving Philadelphia, PA clients with a team of licensed staff. The home care agency is also one of the top-paying agencies in Philadelphia, PA, with an average salary of $12 an hour.

Superb Homecare

If you are in search for one of the best-paying home care agencies in Philadelphia, Superb Homecare should be on your list. The home care agency pays workers well, with salaries starting from $11 an hour. There are also bonuses for weekend and part-time jobs.

Right At Home Care Agency

Right At Home is a Philadelphia-based home care agency that assists senior patients in medical and personal care. Those working here are well trained, and the agency pays their workers handsomely. The average salary per hour is $11 for Home Health Aides.

True Direct Home Health Care

True Direct Home Health Care is one of the top-paying home care agencies for home care professionals. This agency deals in specialized services like care plans and the training of caregivers. Truth Direct Home Health Care pays an average of $10.41 an hour for home care specialists.

This list is not entirely conclusive, but it covers the leading agencies that align their salaries with the minimum state allowed wages. The pay differs from profession to profession within the home care category.