Who qualifies for Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia, PA

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Many elder care services in the Philadelphia region fail for various reasons. Perhaps the company lacks adequate personnel or solid training and review, for example. You don’t want to find out after you hire a home care agency that they don’t fit the bill. Because you have a physically, emotionally, or intellectually vulnerable individual you love, you feel a strong responsibility to help them with whatever assistance they can get. let’s review Who qualifies for Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia, PA.

The word “qualifies” is tricky. Qualification may depend on your insurance, and it also often hinges on your age and why you’re looking for caregiving at home. You want your loved ones to maintain their sense of dignity and independence, and you want them safe, three keynotes in Inspire’s company culture. Nonetheless, you still have much to review financially and medically to figure out exactly how much care your loved one can receive.

Getting Started

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging offers a plethora of helpful information to get you started. You can find out what type of licensure a home health agency needs to have to operate in Philadelphia and the rest of PA (something you can check in interviews). 

Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia – Qualifications

Generally, qualifications for elderly care services follow the guidelines of Medicaid. Specifically:

  1. You must have a plan of care regularly reviewed by your physician.
  2. Your physician must attest to your need for physical therapy, skilled nursing, speech therapy, or occupational therapy. A properly-recognized practitioner must provide such services (one that Inspire Home Care can schedule with you).
  3. Additionally, if a person is homebound, their physician must also note their condition.

As you research home caregiving services in Philadelphia, ask about the types of documents you’ll need to get the ball rolling. Also, ask what assistance the agency can provide when navigating insurance guidelines.

The qualifications for elderly care may change with time. The aging population in Pennsylvania is growing at a fast rate. This means the State will have to review services, access, and implementation to meet the challenges presented by this growth.

Factoid: Pennsylvania’s population aged 65 and older consistently ranks among the top ten in the nation

 Elderly Care Services in Philadelphia

The Agency Connection

Agencies must also reevaluate their services regularly. Each case is unique and has challenges, not the least of which is family dynamics. At Inspire Home Care, we diligently strive for quality and professionalism. We also make it our mission to stay on top of the changing qualifications for elderly care services so we can offer the most sensible options to our clients. 

“Best practices” matter greatly to you and your loved one. Knowing your home care aid follows those rules gives you peace of mind. You can trust Inspire to have trained, dependable, compassionate staff giving you extra eyes and hands daily.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, you can use our online contact form, call us at 215-576-2273, or email One of our on-site team members will get back to you promptly. We look forward to helping you, and your loved one find excellent solutions for home care long into the future.

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