How to choose Home Care Assistance in Philadelphia PA

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Your loved one is showing signs of needing more help than you can provide. It’s painful, but you do not have to travel this road alone. Consider that people are living longer lives, meaning there are thousands of families just like yours facing hard decisions about proper care for their loved ones. If you’ve chosen Home Care Assistance in Philadelphia PA, the process is more than just finding an agency like Inspire Home Care. It’s also about recognizing the individual’s needs. Each situation is unique, and we strive to partner with you in assessing things like safety issues.

Ask yourself if your loved one needs basic care like laundry, dishes, and companionship or if they require more. Some agencies offer in-home physical therapy, RN visits, etc. Write down the details that concern you. Perhaps the individual isn’t taking their medication, can’t handle daily tasks, or cannot drive. The potential agencies you contact will need to know these things in order to make sure you can get the necessary services. 

Obviously, this decision isn’t an easy one. Take your time. You want to have peace of mind about the agency you choose. 

What to Ask a Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PA

Truthfully, the questions you ask locally are pretty much the same everywhere. There are specific talking points that help you find the right aide or companion through an agency

Begin with references. Follow up on them before you go any further. People’s experiences are often far better in the decision-making process than standard FAQs. If you like what you hear, make sure the agency is certified by Medicaid and Medicare. These agencies oversee certified agencies by having regular inspections. 

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On to the staff. Do they require specific credentials for staff members? Do they run background checks? How do they train their staff? Since your aide is the person you’ll be interacting with, it’s good to know the agency, like Inspire Home Care, is sending someone properly qualified. 

The remaining questions are a little more personal. Do you need someone who speaks a different language? Can the agency help you with obtaining equipment for the home as needed? For the hard of hearing, do any of the aides know sign language? You want personalized services that target important factors so your loved one has a sense of security and comfort.

Making a Care Plan

A home care agency in Philadelphia, PA should work with you on a specialized plan for your loved one. This plan is a consistent guideline for care. Over time, that plan may need to be re-evaluated with the help of a primary physician. But at the outset, you can see in writing what to expect. 

Keep the Conversation Going

At Inspire Home Care in Philadelphia, PA, we take pride in keeping the lines of communication open with you. There are no “silly” questions. We want you to feel welcome and know you’ll get timely informative responses. 

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