Choosing Elderly Home Care in Philadelphia, PA: What You Need to Know

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As we watch loved ones age, their ability to do certain necessary daily tasks often declines. At first, you, friends, or other family members step in and lend a helping hand. This is a wonderful gesture, but over time, caregiving becomes a heavy task. At this moment, you might think about choosing elderly home care in Philadelphia, PA, but what do you need to know? Where do you begin identifying the best company?

Struggling with Feelings:

Sometimes, it’s difficult to give over the reins to strangers who will step in to care for the individual. But remember, you can’t keep doing this alone. You get worn down and frustrated, which helps nothing. You are not alone in needing assistance. Caregivers worldwide look to aides when they must attend to their own lives. So, shake off any lingering guilt and move forward. 


What Kind of Help do you need? As you consider a professional caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, you need to have a firm grip on the level of support your loved one needs. Make a list. Do they just need basic help with dishes, laundry, cooking, etc.? Or do they have specific medical needs that would require trained nursing services? Are there issues with sight or hearing? Do they need an interpreter? 

No two situations are alike. Have your list handy as you review agency web pages or interview the agency. Some agencies have a specific focus, like providing home health aid, but not professional services like physical therapy. It will quickly become clear if the agencies you consider fit the bill. 

Three Essential Questions

Don’t skip this step. At Inspire Home Care, we often see people who had unpleasant experiences with other companies. They are understandably cautious. Ultimately, continuity of care matters, so you want to make the right choice from the get-go. Once you know that an agency has all the services you want, move on to three essential questions for choosing elderly home care in Philadelphia, PA.

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What You Need to Know

  1. How do they review potential employees? Some require credentials, others conduct background checks (which are highly advised), and some, like Inspire, add bonding and insurance (which are sometimes company-paid). This process is all about safety. 
  2. Will they give you references to check? Folks often overlook this step. Just don’t! You want to hear about other people’s experiences. Remember to check the Better Business reviews.
  3. Do they have Medicare and/or Medicaid certification? This affects how your insurance gets billed. Also, both agencies require an agency to have proper licensing. 

Inspire Home Care: A Closer Look

At Inspire Home Care, we offer two different services: companion care and personal care. Companion care concerns everyday necessities. They might run errands or take the senior to a medical appointment. There’s also cleaning, laundry, and cooking nutritional meals. Companions are “helping hands.” They also interact with the individual to improve socialization. 

By comparison, personal care is, well, personal. The aide may bathe and change an individual. Help them with brushing their teeth, and encouraging overall hygiene. This requires a gentle, non-invasive approach, where the client doesn’t feel vulnerable. 

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