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Care for senior with dementia in Philadelphia, Pa

As your loved one shows signs of mental decline, you become worried. Will they get lost or forget their medication, for example? You cannot always be with a senior needing assistance and may consider Elderly Home Health Care Philadelphia, like Inspire Home Care.

The popularity of home care for seniors with dementia is growing for a good reason. Indeed, you can move them into a nursing home, but that’s not a replacement for the individual touch. Nursing homes can be confusing and even frightening, especially for people with Alzheimer’s. The room is unfamiliar, as are the faces moving down the halls. 

Home Sweet Home

The comfort of the home truly means something at this stage of life. Having an in-home caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, gives your loved one excellent, personalized attention. At Inspire Home Care, getting to know our clients is of primary concern. From what they like to eat to their favorite stories, our aides endeavor to provide all-important socialization that can deter depression. 

Family Relief

Caregiving is a huge job for a busy family. It wears you out. You may be frustrated and grumpy from juggling so many responsibilities. You are not alone and should not feel guilty about seeking support. An aide can create a healthy lifestyle for your loved one. You will still be involved every step of the way. Many find they enjoy their time with their loved ones more because they don’t have to fuss much with everything else. 

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Elderly Home Health Care Philadelphia  – What types of things can an aide do?

  • Assistance with grooming, bathing, and dressing
  • Food preparation
  • Medication monitoring
  • Transportation to appointments
  • House cleaning

There are also ways the aide supports a sense of trust and security. For example, they will create a routine. This is very important for people whose dementia is progressing, and starting a routine early on helps the whole process run more smoothly.

Next elderly home health care includes planning activities with the individual. These might consist of playing a board game, watching a favorite TV show together, taking a walk, or just sitting outside and talking. The activities take place at the same time every day, providing continuity.

The Inspire Home Care Difference – Elderly Home Health Care Philadelphia 

Our aides are trained to honor a person’s individuality and sense of self-worth in any way they can. When someone knows something’s wrong, they may become embarrassed and question their value. And you know those conversations you have again and again and again? Now you have another person to help out. One neat trick is having the client talk about pictures around the house. Who is that person? What are your memories? Keeping an elder’s mind active can help slow the progression of dementia.

When you’re ready to talk about having a homemaker/companion for someone with dementia, we welcome your inquiry. You can call our Philadelphia, PA, office at 215-586-2273. Alternatively, you can email us at or use our online contact form for more information.

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