How to Choose the Right Home Care Agency for Your Loved One With a Professional Caregiver Philadelphia PA?

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When you realize your loved one is increasingly dependent on others, you might start thinking about a professional caregiver in Philadelphia, PA. You want this individual safe but not isolated. They have expressed their wish to age in place. Where do you begin with your decision-making process?

There’s Help

First off, you are not alone. The professionals at Inspire Home Care have helped hundreds of families maintain the continuity of care for their loved ones in a familiar environment. You and our caregiving service look at the person’s individual need as a starting point.

Assessing Needs

Your situation is like no one else’s. So it requires a deft hand for an agency to build a proper plan of care based on the information you provide and a physician’s appraisal. For example, a person who requires physical therapy is different than one who needs help with daily necessities like laundry and dishes. As you review potential agencies, make sure they offer the services you need. Ask as many questions as necessary.

How to Choose the Right Home Care Agency With a Professional Caregiver Philadelphia, PA, the Questions to Ask

In your search for the ideal professional home care agency, like Inspire Home Care, you should address three common questions.

  1. References. Get several and call them all before doing anything else. Don’t skip this point. Inquire about timeliness in answering your queries and ensuring you have on-time aide service.
  2. Are they Medicaid or Medicare certified? If so, both agencies require licensure, which also requires ongoing inspections for quality of service and adherence to best practices.
  3. How do they evaluate potential staff? Do they require credentials? Are their background checks, bonding, and insurance? And, once hired, how do they train their staff?

Next,  you move on to specifics affecting your loved one. For example, will the agency help you with adaptive equipment? Can they provide a bi-lingual aide? If your family member is hard of hearing, do they have interpreters?

By the way, you’ll always think of more questions after your conversation. So write them down for your next contact.

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Companion Care vs. Personal Care

Many times these two titles are used interchangeably while they are, in fact, different types of services. Companion care focuses on everyday tasks that Seniors with limitations struggle with themselves. For example, chores include housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and running errands. Additionally, companion care focuses on giving your loved one a point of social contact on which they can depend.

The schedule for a companion depends on the family’s concerns and the individual’s capabilities. Your chosen aide provider works that out with you. Typically there is a set limit of hours you can break up as you wish throughout the week.

Personal care differs from companion care because it attends to more intimate matters—things like applying lotions, bathing, changing adult diapers, dressing, and oral hygiene. Personal care aides must be dedicated to the details, which means getting to know your loved one in such a way as the person feels comfortable.

As with companion care, the service schedule depends on the level of need.

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