What are 3 essential qualities of a professional caregiver?

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The need for Professional Caregiver in Philadelphia PA  grows daily. Some work with agencies, some are friends and family to a loved one, and others still work independently. It can be difficult because you’re dealing with family dynamics and an individual’s limitations, trying to find harmony in the mix. As a result, it takes a special type of person to be a successful caregiver. As a Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PAInspire Home Care seeks specific traits in our staff that are essential. Our individually centered philosophy stresses giving a client the most freedom, safety, and dignity. 

What are the Three Essential Qualities of a Professional Caregiver?

  1. Patience and Composure

As you might imagine, there are frustrating days in caregiving. Take the Altheimers’ patient as an example. They will repeat the same questions daily, sometimes several times daily. There are ways to answer those questions with compassion. The caregiver cannot show the individual that they’re “tired” of hearing the same old thing. Similarly, some clients take longer to do tasks around the house, so the caregiver must patiently provide guidance and support. You cannot just do things for them, but rather find a balance between needs and still give a person a sense of independence.

  1. Support and Compassion

When people are ill and facing a life where they cannot do things that used to be easy, it’s discouraging. Depression is one of the key issues for home-bound individuals. A professional caregiver inspires, motivates, and encourages. They recognize and praise the smallest of accomplishments. It becomes a healthy and holistic partnership between the caregiver and the patient’s wants and needs. 

Compassion goes hand-in-hand with support. People want empathy for their situation. Without compassion, caregiving is impossible. This is one of the key reasons to choose Inspire Home Care. We not only screen our applicants looking for the right personalities, but we also provide our staff with ongoing training. 

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  1. Dependability & Trustworthiness

Families depend heavily on their caregivers, and the person needs to be on time and consistent. Certainly, call-offs happen, but the professional endeavors to plan with the family and keep unexpected absences to a minimum. So doing goes a long way toward building trust between you, the family, and the individual. 

Think of it this way, a family is relying on the caregiver not simply for day-to-day issues but also for emergencies. When they’re at work or out for chores, they want to feel comfortable leaving their loved ones in “expert hands.”

Inspire Home Care: Professional Caregiver, Philadelphia, PA

Certainly, there are more characteristics that effective professional caregivers possess. For one, they motivate independence and safety. Additionally, caregiving requires attentiveness, enthusiasm, and the ability to communicate effectively at different levels including person-to-person (individual and family) and professional (RNs, Physicians, Therapists, etc.).

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